3 Publishing Powerhouses

How Keen’s media customers are mastering digital content, distribution, and engagement with robust, real-time analytics.


What You'll Learn

Digital publishers today need instant access to information on what their readers are doing and where. They’re embracing new advertising tactics and distribution strategies that never would have been possible before a platform like Keen was available.

This ebook shines a spotlight on three of our customers who have built impressive analytics on Keen to measure things like engagement across every channel and platform, content performance, and key metrics for advertisers. They’ve seen great success since they started:

Key Takeaways:

  • Mic gained 1M new monthly users and 5x engagement on Facebook and Twitter
  • Quartz builds, embeds, and tracks thousands of interactive charts and videos
  • AJ+ passed 7 billion views with platform-specific video content

Download the ebook to learn how these innovative media outlets are thriving among hundreds of competitors—and how you can do the same.  

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Brilliant Customers

Over 50,000 developers at 3,500 companies use Keen's APIs to power real-time dashboards, generate alerts, implement dynamic pricing and advertising, track complex attribution, and more.